Building Construction, Electrical instruction, traddes like Plimbing,painting, tiling, paving, ETC.


Contract maintenance Services. all trades for facilities management


plumbing material and maintenance facilities Management

Excellence in Service:

Ingwende investments was formed in order to provide holistic outsourced construction, electrical installations and maintenance on various facilities. the company offer the following range of construction and facilities of maintenance related services including skills development in the industry
Construction Service
Building renovation
Electrical installations and Repairs including Electric fencing
Specialist Trades like Painting, plumbing, paving, tilling, and flooring
Suppliers of general products
we take full responsibility with regard to the construction, total quality guarantee and professional service, with accountability of all our work. Only qualified and experienced high calibre employees with necessary qualifications and experience are employed at the company with direct contact with the managing director who make site decisions and deals with any issues that may arise. a proper feedback and communication channel is open.